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Technical Management

With a mission to becoming a premier quality ship management, we maintain all of our ships with the highest care with regular inspections, maintenance required by respective Class Associations and meeting high industry standard. We recommend a smart care system to save costs for owners, spend what necessary but not just as the plan only. We carefully do onboard inspection and evaluation of all jobs that need to be done by both ship crew and our superintendents with extra hours with the consent of owners idea time to time before the job approved and implemented.

We are proud of our technical and marine superintendents who are day and night working hard to supervise all ships’ matters 24/7. The team comprises of both practical experienced personnel and young dynamic technicians that make excellent teamwork.

Our Captains, CEs on leave normally work as part-time supervisors together with our technical team, helping onshore staff to understand more onboard operation and in the meantime, they learn better of in-office management works. It creates an integrated working environment between ship and shore base.

We work closely with all major Class Associations, Oil Major Vetting superintendents, Port Authorities to build up good support and co-operation, thus giving the best service to our ships and owners.


Our top managers have over 30 years’ experience in shipyard management in both shipbuilding and drydock repairs. We have a long, close relationship with all shipyards in Vietnam where we are located and also other shipyards in China, Indonesia, and Thailand. Our ships have never got queued or delayed so far in any dry docking. This shows our capability in dry-docking preparation, planning and implementation.

Our head office is located in Ho Chi Minh City, a geographic center of SE Asia: flight time is about 1 hour to Bangkok, 1.5 hours to Kuala Lumpur & Singapore, 2 hours to Manila, and 2.5 hours to Hong Kong & Myanmar. Boarding of any ship within Asia is very convenient for our superintendents even with short notice. It gives immediate response to help the ship crew if they have any issues. In many instances, we save a lot of waiting time and costs for Owners by sending a repairing team from Vietnam to board a ship overseas, instead of waiting for local, slow and costly service.

We have set up a representative office in Dubai to manage some of our ships trading in the Middle East that gives us better, faster service coverage. It is also part of our 24/7 working time policy, giving our team a longer reach to handle remote trading areas, like the Middle East.

Safety & Vetting Management

Safer sea, safer ship is our key policy. We train our crews before joining and during working time on board with distance tests under a yearly plan by certified superintendents according to the latest OCIMF guidelines and in-house programs. All training reports are reviewed by the management and uploaded into our database once approved.

Our system monitors ship and shore personnel up to the highest Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality in compliance with the highest industry standard.

Inspection service conducted by our vetting team is also extended for 3rd party inquiries from time to time which includes SIRE Pre-vetting Inspection; Terminal Pre-berthing Inspection; Pre-purchase Inspection; Diving Survey; Pre-docking Survey; Condition Assessment Inspection.

Spare Parts Purchase & Bunkering

We supply hundreds of thousands tons of bunker fuels and marine lubricants for our own fleet and other local owners a year, mainly in Vietnam and Singapore, very soon in Dubai. We keep marine lubricant stockpiles in Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City and Hai Phong, can quickly supply for our own ships and to any extra requirements.

Over the years, our procurement team has built up a very large spare parts supply network in Vietnam and SE Asia. We adhere to good quality control with the use of brand new origin parts from makers. At times, we also supply quality and certified secondhand parts which are accepted by Owners in order to save costs for small owners with a limited budget.

Crewing Management

Crew management team carries out a variety of activities, including sourcing, recruitment, selection, deployment, scheduling, training upgrading programs, and on-going management of seafarers engaged on vessels. It also involves crew administrative aspects, such as payroll, travel arrangements, health insurance, career guidance and family-social activities.

Our software system stores all data related to seafarers for monitoring of compliance with mandatory requirements of Flag State, Training, Certificates, Medical, Visa as part of the Management System.

With hundreds of crews under a permanent management contract, namely Vietnamese, Burmese, Indian, we have built a large supply of mix national crewing system networks. We are ready 24/7 for any crewing requirement.

We also work closely with Maritime Schools to assist on-course students with different scholarship programs and seafarer’s vocational guidance. This is another avenue to source young crew for our fleet and clients.


Shipping and Seafarers career are high risk industry involved with many rules & regulations by operating countries, by the Flag State, Class Association, Maritime Organization which are very complicated.

Our legislation team is competent in maritime laws and has long experience in practical shipping claims. They keep daily monitoring activities of shore staff and ship crew, ship operation to ensure their compliance with applicable rules and regulations, as well as giving alerts or consultant guidance to management whenever risks and legal issues that may arise.

Our team has also act as legal consultant for many shipping claims related and they are willing to help overseas customers, parties if they have legal issues in Vietnam.


All ship management activities are electronically monitored and controlled by our own IT software. This software has been developed and upgraded over the years which was certified by NK Class.

Vessels’ operation performance data is displayed on the dashboard and managers’ individual computers. Owners can easily access their ships’ performance data even on mobile devices at any time and anywhere.